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Make Your Royal Family space

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Make Your Royal Family space

Yes, you have to make Your Royal Family space to feel like a Queen or King, and to make all your dreams come true.

I talked about visualization and vision boards… and they are powerfull, but can you imagine how can be faster everything if you have a space, even a little one , that make you feel already rich, already upgraded…?

You can use everything that you love and make you feel as you already achieved your goals.

I love gold… this color is so shiny! As you can see in the picture I just put together a mirror, a table and pictures of my wedding and my little boy … Maybe the color, maybe the pictures… I don’t really know but every time I look in that direction, I feel like every goals I have… they are just reached.

I like to meditate on the sofa near that space: I talk to you about meditation another day, but believe me, this is another thing to do in order to bring in to reality what you desire.

It can be a chair, a pictures or whatever remembers you that you are on the way… and create your Royal magic space.

It’s that simple: your mind doesn’t understand the difference between dream or reality… so trick your mind with everything that make you feel high vibration.

You can start in a little part of your home, but soon you will realize how that sensation is powerfull and I know… you will transform your home … in Buckingham Palace.

Maybe, you just want to go on holiday…. what are you waiting for? Just put on a shelf a postcard of the place you want and some shells and sand… Imagine you are already there, drinking some tropical juice, having fun, just relax or anything you want. Have a look on and just believe and feel you are receiving it: I don’t know how, but you will be there really soon.

I hope you enjoyed this small post (it’s my first in english and soon you will find a similar post in italian, remember just similar not the same) and if you want to read more subscribe; you can also follow me on Pinterest or on my Facebook page .

Write to me: I would love to know if you are doing something similar to achieve your goals.

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